At Home Dry Eye Therapy


HydroEye Omega-3

HydroEye vitamins have been clinically verified to reduce the severity of dry eye symptoms. Each tablet contains the unique omega fatty acid GLA and purified fish oil, making them more powerful than your standard flaxseed oil or fish oil supplement. HydroEye has even eliminated the need for some users to use artificial tears altogether!

zocushield products

Eyelid Hygiene

Zocular Zocushield
Don’t forget to keep your lids clean! Zocushield coats your eyelids and lashes with a soothing gel that helps them feel and look their best—while also improving any pesky dry eye irritation in the process.


Lubricating Drops

Optase eye drops are mixed with natural oils that not only soothe your eyes, but also protect them from future dryness. Their contact lens-friendly nature and long-lasting relief make them excellent traveling companions when you’re out on the go.


Nighttime Therapy 

Keep waking up in the morning with gritty, aggravated eyes? You’re not alone. Devices that promote airflow like ceiling fans or air conditioners can dry out your eyes as you sleep.

Hydrating sleep goggles are designed to fog up and provide good humidity to your eyes throughout your slumber, making your morning eye irritation a thing of the past. The headwear is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to adjust.

King's Eye Care Dry Eye Kit

A Comprehensive solution designed to address the multifaceted needs of dry eye sufferers. Our kit incorporates four essential components: heat, hygiene, health and hydration.

  • Bruder Mask provides soothing heat therapy to alleviate discomfort and promote meibomian gland function.
  • Optase Protect Spray ensures optimal eye hygiene by effectively cleansing and protecting the delicate eye area.
  • Bruder Dye Eye Drink Samples formulated with key nutrients to support tear production and ocular wellness.
  • Optase Hylo Night offers overnight lubrication to prevent dryness and discomfort during sleep
  • Optase Intense provides intense hydration for immediate relief of dry eye symptoms, ensuring lasting comfort throughout the day.

With our carefully curated selection of products, King's Eye Care Dry Eye Kit offers a comprehensive approach to managing dry eye discomfort and promoting ocular health

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